How do light up shoes work?

Light up shoes are a fascinating choice for most artists, club maniacs and kids. They have inbuilt LED lights that light up when you stomp, jump or even walk. For the shoe to light up, there is a circuit, a sensor and a battery at the sole. You can switch to a color mode that fascinates you.

Also, with the advent in technology, it is now possible to light a cycle of colors while the shoe is on. All you must have is a remote control device. The good thing is that the battery and the sensors do not cause discomfort to the user. Also, the LEDs used are safe for the wearer of the shoe.

You might be wondering how the lighting is possible and the principle behind it. Thus, in this article, I provide a detailed text on how light up shoes work.

Charging the shoes

As we have seen above, these shoes have a battery. Hence it must have enough charge to emit some light. The battery is thus rechargeable. Upon depletion of the charge, connect a USB cable at the USB port by the ankle of the shoe. Then, plug in the broader part of the cable to the adapter on the wall socket.


On the reception of charge, the shoe blinks to indicate that the battery is charging. Depending on the remaining amount of charge, it may take about 4- 6 hours to have the battery full. Once it is full, there is no more blinking hence you can disconnect from the charger.

Turning on the LEDs of the shoe

The on and off button for the LED sneakers is found by the ankle. Once the shoe is ready for use, you can press on the button to have the lights on. If you want your shoe to feature different colors, press the on button once more. Also, for some shoes, there is a small remote device that has the on and off button.

Still, you can use the device to control the cycle of colors. You should be cautious because different colors consume the charge differently. You can use the use the solid colors which last longer compared to strobe and color mode. When the battery is fully charged, the solid colors with go up to four hours.

However, if you decide to go for the flashing colors, you will not have plenty of time to enjoy the fantasies of the shoe. This is because the lights will only last for one and a half hours.

Turning off the LEDs of the shoes

The off button is still the on button and located by the ankle of the shoe. But, on turning off the LEDs, you must press and hold the button for longer. Once you press and hold, the LED lights will go off. Thus, if you are done with your activities, probably you have removed your shoes, you can turn them off to service them for the next function.


The manufacturers have designed a variety of LED light shoes to suit your preferences. All you need to do is keep the shoes clean. You should not soak them in water as this might damage the battery. Even though the sole is waterproof care and maintenance is crucial for long-lasting services.