6 Health Benefits of Eating Organic Foods

  1. GMOS

The genetically modified organisms is the worst thing that has ever happened to the human race in terms of food. Unlike the propaganda that the GM foods are safe just like any other foods is outright lies. That is why it is always advisable to consume the organic food which are GMOS free and a sure way of living a healthy life.

  1. Nutrition

It has been proved by several studies that the organic foods are not only notorious but also taste far much better that any other foods. Some of the nutrients that are available in the organic food are mentioned below

  • Organic fruits and vegetable- contains 27% vitamins,21% iron,30% magnesium,1% phosphorous and 18% polyphenols
  • Organic meat has less fats and are very healthy
  • Some organic soups like carrot and coriander soup contains more salicylic acid which is very important in health promotion substances.
  1. Free from Pesticides or Herbicides

Free from Pesticides or HerbicidesThere is no better way to sugarcoat this than just the truth that pesticides and herbicides are poison. You will realize that their main function is to poison things. There is no two ways about this. When you consume food that have been grown with the pesticides and herbicides then you have consumed poison. The only way to avoid this poison eating habit that is killing you slowly is by taking the organic food that are pesticides and herbicides free.

  1. Meat and Dairy

The popular notion that meat is harmful to your body in not so true. This should be categorized in the sense that the meat that is from the more artificial grown animals is what is harmful to the human body. They should have made a difference between the organic husbandry and the concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) that are harmful. The free range animal meat is pretty safe as they are organic.

  1. Food borne Illness

Food borne IllnessWhen you consume organic foods, there are very low chances of getting the food borne illness. This is the only best way to stay safe from food borne illness that are cause by the CAFOs and the agribusiness produced foods that are so common in the market place. The normal rush of our life that leads to the sterilization of the foods and our farms simply leads to living in less healthie environment.

  1. Clear Conscience

Having mentioned all the above elements, it is pretty clear by now that most of the foods that are consumed from our local supermarkets are not safe for our natural body. They are not only very harmful to the body nut to the ecosystem as well and this is why it is very paramount that we have a clear conscience. Your conscience definitely suffers the minute you realize that what you are consuming is not good for your health and your environment. The more you have a problem with your conscience the unhealthier you are. In order to have a clear conscience and live a healthy life just consume the organic foods.